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A Glass Trophy from Steklarna Hrastnik for the Most Prestigious Award in the Perfume Industry

Steklarna Hrastnik is setting new milestones and strengthening its position in the perfume industry. This is proven by the agreement on long-term cooperation with The Fragrance Foundation France, for which Steklarna Hrastnik manufactured the trophy for the most prestigious award in the perfume industry, the FiFi award. Steklarna Hrastnik designed the trophy, a totem perfume bottle, in cooperation with Sylvie de France and Quadpack. The trophy is made from sustainable materials; glass, wood, and organic cotton, and reflects excellence of design, manufacturing, and environmental responsibility.

The FiFi award recognises exceptional achievements in the perfume industry which were presented to the market in the previous year, and which stand out for fragrance, packaging, and communication. As the award honours excellence and innovation in the perfume industry, the Foundation wants this to be reflected in its trophy, which also needs to be sustainable. The choice of glass and wood as sustainable materials was logical, while it was a challenge to realise the idea to use the transparency of glass to show that fragrances bring light to our lives. Another challenge was the upgrade, i.e. to make a trophy whose transparency will reflect the idea that fragrance brings light, says Steklarna Hrastnik.


The trophy, which shows reliefs of perfume bottles, is the result of cutting-edge technology and the knowledge of the glassmakers from Hrastnik. It is distinguished by exceptional optics, purity of glass, and a detailed imprint of perfume bottles.  


Sustainable materials communicate environmental responsibility


“Steklarna Hrastnik is thrilled by the trust that The Fragrance Foundation France has placed in us with its choice. “We accepted this challenge with great responsibility and pleasure, and an amazing product was made in cooperation with Sylvie de France,” said Peter Čas, General Manager of Steklarna Hrastnik, at the conclusion of this complex project. Steklarna Hrastnik uses state-of-the-art, automated, and environmentally friendly technology, ensuring the high quality of products and lowering environmental impacts, thus creating a story of a sustainable company.


The manufacturing of the totem perfume bottle is one more proof that Steklarna Hrastnik is capable of realising the most technically complex projects in a rather short time, both boutique batches and large orders. “With its products, responsiveness, high-quality production, expertise, use of diverse techniques, and its attitude towards creating in glass, Steklarna Hrastnik has shown why it is a trustworthy partner. I will gladly recommend it to other partners,” said designer Sylvie de France, about her cooperation with Steklarna Hrastnik.


For Steklarna Hrastnik, this project is an important milestone from the viewpoint of future business partnerships in the prestigious fragrance industry, as it will carry its name across the globe. The Fragrance Foundation is active in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and Great Britain, and FiFi winners include brands such as Chanel, Kenzo, Hermes, Chloe, Givenchy, and Gucci.


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In November 2011, Steklarna Hrastnik  was proud to receive the basic Family Friendly Company Certificate.



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We place great importance on the protection of the environment.





Steklarna Hrastnik was a finalist at the 2012 Zlata Nit pageant in the Big Companies category, and received... 

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Ambiente International Fair was granted the Ethical Style Guide certificate to Steklarna Hrastnik.



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