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Our certificates

Certificate of credit rating Excellence Class AAA

Bisnode AAA 2018 ang

Steklarna Hrastnik has again received a gold credit rating of excellence. This certificate is issued to companies that continue to achieve an excellent credit rating for three consecutive years, demonstrating an above-average rated value.

The fact that Steklarna Hrastnik was included in the 1.6% of Slovenian companies to receive a gold credit rating of excellence is testament to its successful performance in recent years

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Ethical Style Guide Certificate


At this year’s Ambiente International Fair, Steklarna Hrastnik was granted the Ethical Style Guide certificate. Recipients of the certificate are assessed in the following categories of sustainability: use of ecological materials, principles of production, recycling, care for employees, working environment, and innovations that support the principles of sustainable development.
The sustainable focus of Steklarna Hrastnik is evidenced further by the fact that in this year’s selection for the European Business Awards – EBA 2015/2016, the company has been included in the category of Environmental & Corporate Sustainability. The model for fulfilling sustainable principles in business operation and the company’s achievements in this field can be viewed at HERE. If the video has convinced you, don’t forget to vote for Steklarna Hrastnik. Read more


Certificate SMETA 5

sedex logo 372x274

In July 2015, Steklarna Hrastnik passed the fourth social system audit for Sainsbury’s, a chain of supermarkets, according to the principles of SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit or social audit). The successful audit further confirms that Steklarna Hrastnik is an excellent, reliable supplier of high-quality tableware, packaging and opal glass products.

As part of this year’s audit, Bureau Veritas, a leading global company in testing, inspection and certification services, examined employees’ social security, safety at work, fire safety, working conditions, salary payment, working hours and environmental care. What is more, conversations with 30 randomly selected production workers were carried out. The majority of these workers expressed their satisfaction with the management of Steklarna Hrastnik by Andrej Božič, General Manager. Read more



Certifikat Excellent SME Slovenia – pokazatelj dobre bonitete podjetja in varnega poslovanja

Certificate SQP

For its excellent results within the framework of the Supplier Qualification Program (SQP) assessment of industry standards, the international quality certification organization Intertek presented Steklarna Hrastnik glassworks with an award for outstanding achievement according to SQP standards. A meticulous assessment of Steklarna Hrastnik's facilities was contracted with Intertek by the UK retail chain Sainsbury's.

Assessment took place in the following fields: leadership commitment, steady improvement, risk management system, quality management system, product control, process control, and employee training and competencies.

In all the assessed fields, Steklarna Hrastnik glassworks placed in the highest or "High Performance" bracket. The total score achieved was 100%, which ranks Steklarna Hrastnik above the global average in all the assessed categories. An outstanding result gives Steklarna Hrastnik competitive advantage especially with highly demanding customers.

Results achieved prove that Steklarna Hrastink's dedicated focus on employee satisfaction and strategic human resource management, in addition to innovation and quality control, is the right course to follow in the future as well.

Family Friendly Company

DPPpolniANGIn the context of an advisory - audit process it was estimated that the set measures introduced in the basic certificate were implemented and the goals were achieved, therefore Steklarna Hrastnik received the full certification. With respect to the basic certificate, the glassworks introduced 16 measures benefited by at least 80% of all employees.  In the context of the full certificate, 3 new measures will be added to the existing 16 measures.
Upon completion of the audit procedure, the auditor wrote the following: "During the audit, the appropriate manner of implementing the selected measures was confirmed. Although the number of measures was relatively high (16), all measures will be preserved in the next period. We want to welcome the fact that some of the measures have already been extended, taking into consideration the proposals of employees. Above all, we want to emphasize the commitment of the top management. It recognizes employee satisfaction as an essential element of effective implementation of the production processes, but also as a building block in increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening Steklarna Hrastnik Glassworks in a challenging market. I therefore propose that the organization Steklarna Hrastnik Glassworks receives the full certificate as a "Family Friendly Company".

Certificate HACCP

HACCP system for the production of special glass packaging

Our special glass packaging production has successfully passed the audit to meet HACCP system requirements. This attests to our good production practices, business hygiene and compliance with all the essential risk management and product safety principles.

Certificate ISO

ISOInternational standard ISO 9001:2008

Steklarna Hrastnik glassworks holds the ISO 9001:2008 certificate of quality management. This internationally recognized standard assures our customers, end users, employees and owners that we are dedicated to the quality of our products and services. We will continue to improve our work processes through constant personnel training, implementation of new solutions and analysis of current results.

VITRUX Certificate

Certifikat Vitrux ang malaVitrux Certificate

The quality of our tableware range is proven by the Vitrux certificate awarded by the independent German research institution Forschungsinstitut für Anorganische Werkstoffe Glas/Keramik GmbH. We received the certificate because of the outstanding optical properties of our glass and its resistance to machine washing.


In November 2011, Steklarna Hrastnik  was proud to receive the basic Family Friendly Company Certificate.



We are well aware of the fact that well-motivated staff, equipped with expert knowledge and..



We place great importance on the protection of the environment.





Steklarna Hrastnik was a finalist at the 2012 Zlata Nit pageant in the Big Companies category, and received... 

CertifikatAAANaslovna ang



Ambiente International Fair was granted the Ethical Style Guide certificate to Steklarna Hrastnik.



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